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Surrounded by our emotional waters; Ego Island helps build emotional awareness by observing the body and mind through the different states of our nervous system. 


Isolated and surrounded
Dysregulated traits: Fear, Panic, Terror, Fright, Anxiety, Worry, Doubt

The journey typically starts here as we often find Ego Island in survival mode; deflecting and absorbing hits from our emotional waters. When thriving, Ego Island works from a place of intention and response. When out of balance however, it pulls from a place of reaction and survival.

A healthy Ego Island is the difference between letting life happen to you in unconscious fight or flight mode versus encouraging life to happen for you while consciously living in safe and social mode. Developing a relationship with these states of our nervous system allows us to have two-way communication throughout the body and mind as a whole. This gives voice to our inner landscape and awareness to the needs of our body, mind, and soul.

Some will say predicting weather from an island is harder than spotting clouds from the mountain- but learning to watch for our emotional waves can give just as much insight into a nervous system storm on the horizon. Learn to be your own meteorologist and predict yourself before you conflict yourself.

WATER: Emotions

Emotions are like water in that they both have rhythm, movement of energy, and fuel life itself. These waves of energy are just as active inside our bodies as the waves moving within a body of water. Ego Island is a great place to learn by observing these waves before diving into the deep.

WEATHER: Nervous System

Just like we look to the weather for the state of our current environment, we can look to the nervous system for the current state of our inner environment. Emotional and physical feelings can seem separate, but they both weave a story begging to be told. Observing emotions while listening to the nervous system, we can create a personal map guiding us to balance in the body. Don’t let a stormy day turn into a climate of personality.

SHORELINE: Boundaries

Once we’ve identified states of the nervous system within ourselves, we can more easily spot them in others and fortify our boundaries where necessary. A rigid boundary may ensure another’s emotional waves don’t get past your cliffside, but be careful not to wall out all emotions. Sandy dunes of soft boundaries let everything and everyone inside, but that can sometimes be a destructive thing. Find your balance between what lies beyond your shores and what your shoreline needs to nurture harmony.


Worksheets…. etc…. Isolated by our emotional waters, Ego Island teaches us emotional awareness through identifying and listening to our emotional body.



Dive deep into the mind and connect with your subconscious through meditations created to help you explore and discover your inner landscape.


Browse and uncover healing modalities for the body and mind from all walks of life and belief systems.


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