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This website is being pieced together (as I’m able) to share what has helped me through life and healing. In 2019 The Human Hangover started as a book, sharing my spiritual awakening story- I didn’t realize it would also be my healing story. These are my failures in being normal and my successes in being human. This is my Human Hangover. I’m grateful you’re here. -That Girl Amber

The Human Hangover and each of their contracted staff does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems. Any medical information included is given from a personal experience perspective and is not intended for medical diagnosis of any kind, or to replace medical advice or treatment by your physician or other medical professional. Therefore The Human Hangover and their staff assume no responsibility for any individual’s interpretation or use of the information.

The Human Hangover, simply put, is our human experience. In being human, we all experience traumas and stresses that can end up stuck in our body and mind. We can either HANG onto these emotions and feelings, or find a way to get OVER them. Getting caught in the middle of these two options leaves us with a drowsy view and quite the disruptive hangover.

Drinking from a well of unprocessed emotions; our lives are formed by reactions to the present, based on the past. Bringing awareness to this body and mind connection, gives us the chance to respond instead of reacting to life. Adjusting what emotional well we are drawing from, allows us to restructure feelings and be conscious creators of our life.

“Drunk on lust, hate, greed, and fear; we have forgotten the requirement of the soul- to love.”


Ultimately you are the best guide for you. Although it was not my approach, some people find it helpful to talk about or relive a traumatic experience. Each healing journey is unique. Be sure to find a professional therapist or healer to help you in your process, and have a strong support sytem in place before you need one. Exploring emotions can be very overwhelming to the body and mind. Be kind and patient with yourself and let your body lead the way to what it is comfortable processing at this time.

The Human Hangover is a growing collection of inner work guides, art, and mindful healing that has helped me wake up to who I am, find my way through healing and navigate a wild spiritual awakening. Be sure to listen to your heart, and take only what resonates for your journey.



In the animal world, once safety is found, animals will “shake off” a life-threatening chase to help discharge the energy from the traumatic event. When we allow our bodies to use this same nervous system response to release emotions and process past trauma, we create a more balanced space for our mind to engage in the healing process. Emotions live in the body, and releasing these deeply rooted emotions gives our brains a better chance at restructuring our feelings and overall health.


Unprocessed emotions become hidden and trapped into the structure of our body, physically changing us in the moment and over time. This makes finding emotions in the body vital to restoring balance and rebuilding our body, mind, and life. By default, we experience life through the voices of others, from media, social constructs and our past traumas- but only until we are audacious enough to find our own voice.

Bringing awareness to this body and mind connection, gives us the chance to respond instead of reacting to life. Keep in mind that these guides are only tools and suggestions- always listen to your body in finding where feelings and emotions reside, and why. Everyone is different and each body will manifest emotions differently.



Where focus goes, energy flows… but that is only helpful when you know where to focus. Identifying and locating emotions in the body gives us a roadmap to build our healing journey around. Unprocessed trauma can show up in many ways, but it can also be released and healed in many ways. I’ve used countless techniques over the past 30+ years to let go of deeply rooted trauma; and this pattern emerged to be the most efficient method in applying those healing modalities and techniques.

Healing can be tough to navigate and help difficult to find; but the greatest tool in healing we can use, is ourself. These guides are not a cure, but a tool to help aid in listening to your body, finding your voice, and hearing what you are saying. Create space, lean into the process, and allow each step the time needed to unfold, release and restore your body and mind.



Listening to our pain leads the way to discovering areas of our subconscious in need of attention. Coupling inner work and body work (focusing on the correlating emotional and physical areas) encourages our mind + body connection to work in harmony with the healing process. 

When we are in physical pain, our bodies are telling us where to focus. We typically hear and answer this cry for help by pacifying the discomfort, instead of sitting with and listening to it. Often these physical disturbances can be caused by unprocessed emotions that are trapped in the structure of our body. Bringing awareness to the pain gives intention an opportunity to focus our healing in the right places. Let the body sound it out and listen for cues on where heavy emotions might be hiding in your body. Click below for guides that help in listening to the body and bringing awareness to emotions.



Emotions are neurological responses that create reactions in the body that changes our physical state. These physiological changes are why finding dense emotions in the body is so important. Feelings on the other hand are the conscious experience we create around an emotional reaction in the body. Feelings are the perception or story we’ve allowed to build around an emotion, based off our past experiences, belief systems, thoughts and opinions.

In bringing awareness to the story we’ve created around an emotion, we can help shift our perception; and start releasing the confinements that hold these emotions captive in our body. Ultimately emotions are alive in the body, feelings are alive in the mind, and both play into our overall mood and physical health. Bringing this body and mind connection together helps us function and heal more thoroughly. Click below for guides that help in discovering what’s beneath the surface and bringing awareness to feelings.



Focusing on emotions in the body first, seemed to make my overall healing process more efficient. Although I believe these steps can happen in any order, this was the flow and pattern my healing journey seemed to take. 

After identifying the emotions and feelings within my body and mind, I first put all of my focus on the body. For me this looked like somatic dancing at home, with weekly massages and acupuncture. Once I’ve established my area of focus, I start by working on those areas physically. If my emotions are rooted in the left shoulder for example, that’s the area I tell my acupuncturist and massage therapist to focus on. When stretching, working out, dancing, or giving self-massage I make sure to listen to these areas closely and give them special attention. Let your body move as it communicates with you, and become friends with your nervous system to help you communicate with your body. Click below for guides that help in releasing emotions and creating space for new feelings.



Once our body is in a relaxed state, we can start feeding the mind new beliefs, opinions, and thoughts. It’s after we calm our emotional waters that we can start to make our own waves, claim and use our own voice. Intention is just as important in this phase, and using the body to write or journal these intentional affirmations, new beliefs, and thoughts is a powerful way to strengthen the body and mind connection.

Take time to digest all that you’ve uncovered and processed in the last three phases. Give yourself time and space to reflect on how this new awareness might be showing up in your present life and relationships. When you’re ready, you can start integrating new thought patterns and belief systems that support the feelings and life you want to experience. Click below for guides that help in transforming feelings in the mind and integrating new beliefs in your life.