TRIGGER WARNING: Content may be inappropriate or disturbing for some audiences. 21+ advised

“Drunk on lust, hate, greed, and fear; we have forgotten the requirement of the soul… to love.”

The Human Hangover
We all have this thing called being human… I like to call it our Human Hangover.
Our default setting is to experience life through our ego, trauma, social constructs and labels. But if we wander beyond our roadblocks and use our nervous system as a map; we can become conscious creators of our own life.

Navigating early childhood trauma (cPTSD) and discovering my undiagnosed Autism at 35, I have some unpopular questions and uncomfortable content… this is my healing journey. I’m simply here to share my story- my failures in being normal and my successes in being human.


The Podcast

I share my story because in my uniqueness, I am not uncommon. The pain that makes me feel excluded, restricts and suffocates so many more. We are not distinct stories separated by details, we are the same stories of human emotion told in an endless amount of ways. We all have a Human Hangover… let’s talk about it, and maybe even find a way to celebrate it.

The Merch

Spread the Love and throw on some Therapy Armor for your next night of innerwork. A reminder that we’re not alone and our stories connect us all. Please allow orders 1-2 weeks to arrive, this helps us reduce waste and keep production low. Click here to learn why

Dive deeper…

The Good Stuff

With trauma and limiting beliefs intoxicating our nervous systems; we’re often at the mercy of our body & mind connection without even realizing it. Human Hangover Guides help aid in the innerwork required to dig in and get to the good stuff. These are the tools I’ve used (and still use) to strengthen the body and mind connection; which brings balance and allows a reset of our reactions, habits, fears, and life.

This isn’t a nicely polished blog focusing on how I got on the ‘other side’ of healing. I’m in the thick and ugly of it. These guides will grow and change as I do, and my response time to inquiries may be longer at times. Thanks for your patience and making space for #HealingCulture over #HustleCulture.

All printable guides free to print at home for personal use. Physical guides and journals available for purchase. Click for terms of use and disclaimer.

Hangover Guides

Body Check

Great for identifying discomfort in the body and mind.

Sleep Tracker

Keep an eye on sleep patterns, dreams, and sleep disturbances.

Body Clock

Using the Chinese Body Clock to bring awareness to focus areas.

Feeling Finder

Use the Emotional Body Map to find feelings in the body.

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