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Returns + Exchanges

Issue with your order? 7-Day Return Policy: All returns, refunds, and exchanges are valid within 7 days of purchase (in-store) or 7 days of delivery (online). Manufacturer defects, damaged, or incorrect items are exceptions and valid within 30 days of purchase or delivery. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the shipping and processing of your return. Credit card refunds may take up to 10 business days.

Mail Returns: All mail returns must include our returns form. Please download, print and fill out the form below. Include this completed form in your shipment along with your returned items.

Please send all returns to: The Human Hangover 517 N Third Street Marquette, MI 49855

Thanks for your support!

While our voice is big, our team is small and we try to be as sustainable as possible.
Online orders typically take 1-2 weeks to arrive at your door, and below are a few reasons why. 

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Tidy Up

About 85% of goods from the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage. On top of that, one in every five items produced by the fashion industry​ reaches a landfill without ever being worn.
This is why we proudly work with on-demand suppliers for the majority of our online products, only producing an item after receiving and approving the order. Thanks for giving your order some extra thought and extra space to breathe while we make it on-demand.

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Be Kind To Earth

Our printing tech is made with sustainability in mind, and our printers use almost zero wastewater and less energy than standard industry printers, lowering our carbon footprint. The inks we use are vegan, water-based, free of harmful chemicals and the left-over ink is always disposed of according to the ink supplier guidelines. We also proudly source the majority of our clothing and all of our classic tees from BELLA + CANVAS, here are some reasons why…

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By using newer, more efficient dye machines, BELLA + CANVAS uses 7x less water than the average for clothing manufacturers, saving 24 million gallons a week. Any water that is not used goes through a filtration system that allows it to be recycled.

BELLA + CANVAS is a green company through and through – taking every opportunity to reduce co2 emissions. Headquarters uses solar energy to power the sewing and cutting facilities, motion-sensor LED lighting, skylights throughout each building, and electric car charging stations to encourage employees to go green.

The BELLA + CANVAS manufacturing facilities and LA Headquarters produce almost no landfill because pretty much everything that can’t be turned into a tee is recycled. Let nothing go to waste!

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We’re Human

I love sharing my story- but as a one-person brand I need to make time to live my story. On the other side of The Human Hangover, I’m just someone finding my way through the wilderness of healing and life. We’re not a team of 24/7 customer service specialists, yet. 🙂

So while my communication might be slower than a chat bot and fulfillment doesn’t come overnight by drone, know that I appreciate you and will always do my best to give you my best… and that might look different from time to time. Love and gratitude.

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