TRIGGER WARNING: Content may be inappropriate or disturbing for some audiences. 21+ advised

Under The Surface

Witnessing generational trauma, going through sexual abuse at a young age, and living with undiagnosed autism for 35 years- meant I quickly became obsessed with trying to understand and navigate emotions. In the process of figuring out my Human Hangover, I found healing in the outdoors, relied on business as distraction, and was swept away by creativity. These are the lemons life gave me to share with the world, so here’s my lemonade. This is my Human Hangover.

I Started Young

Born into generational trauma; empathy was mandatory in reading the emotions of those around me, while ignoring emotions inside myself. Going through complex trauma at an early age meant growing up fast, but it also meant asking all the questions a curious young mind asks about everything- like “why?”

I Wandered

Curiosity lead me down a deeply emotional path that only the outdoors had space for. Growing up in Marquette, Michigan I took to the woods and water for safe spaces to question, escape, and understand life. Nature created a home for my heart, and my heart answered by creating. I strived to be creative every waking hour I could, making my first official t-shirt design at thirteen and discovering the world of graphic design. 

I Worked My Past Off

Selling those first t-shirts from my parents’ garage, meant the birth of a new distraction from my emotions- Business! By my twenties I was juggling two salary positions, while managing a resort, two apartment complexes, and running two businesses on the side. I had worked myself into enough distractions to keep me safe from my emotional baggage- or so I thought.

I Peaced Out

Finally the emotional dam broke. I left everything and everyone, and took to the mountains. My dog (Duke) and I embarked on a solo road trip through the Badlands, Rockies, Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier- we hit it all, and it hit home. Returning to Marquette, my spirit was reminded of itself, and I started creating again. Reigniting my old t-shirt business; I started a journey of creating art but this time for healing first, and business second. Before I knew it, BECAUSE MARQUETTE was born again.

I Found Peace

I’m alive and everything I am today, BECAUSE MARQUETTE gave me safety, healing, strength and courage when I needed it most. Honoring that relationship and giving back in gratitude through art has been an eye-opening journey that has brought a level of healing I never knew possible. The more I look inward and asked the hard questions, the more I can create life from the heart- with my voice


Who Is That Girl Amber?

…and what kind of credentials does she have?

That Girl Amber has no degree in any sort of integrative education and is not pursuing any kind of PhD. Amber holds a lifetime of trauma experience, Neurodivergent & CPTSD navigation, and an insatiable curiosity for understanding the mind and body. 

Creative Gratitude

I am alive and who I am today, because of Marquette. The wonders of Marquette, MI quickly became my refuge as a young girl with undiagnosed autism and childhood trauma. The shores healed my heart and the moss covered forests held space for my questions. Because Marquette is my way of giving gratitude to the places and community that helped me find my way and discover my why.

Come Hangout

My partner and I believe food grown with love and made from scratch, makes all the difference on the plate and in the body. Join us at our restaurant/bar/bakery in downtown Marquette, Michigan… BODEGA! Dishes are made with real ingredients, always from scratch and sourced locally whenever is clever. You’ll also find exclusive Because Marquette merchandise, locally printed goods, and more. Bring your friends, or make some here!