TRIGGER WARNING: Content may be inappropriate or disturbing for some audiences. 21+ advised

The Human Hangover

With trauma and limiting beliefs intoxicating our nervous systems; we’re often at the mercy of our body & mind connection without even realizing it. Human Hangover Guides help aid in the innerwork required to dig in and get to the good stuff. These are the tools I’ve used (and still use) to strengthen the body and mind connection; which brings balance and allows a reset of our reactions, habits, fears, and life.

This isn’t a nicely polished blog focusing on how I got on the ‘other side’ of healing. I’m in the thick and ugly of it. These guides will grow and change as I do, and my response time to inquiries may be longer at times. Thanks for your patience and making space for #HealingCulture over #HustleCulture.

All printable guides free to print at home for personal use. Physical guides and journals available for purchase. Click for terms of use and disclaimer.

Under The Surface

I knew from bedtime stories how bad it could be, but after being raped at eight years old, I became obsessed with trying to understand this broken world. In the process of healing my Human Hangover; I found the outdoors, relied on business as distraction and fell in love with creativity.

I did not find all the answers, become the perfect person, nor am I happy all the time. But finding joy in the process, meaning in the pain, and creating a wildly long list of innerwork tools became my silver lining.

I don’t have a fancy degree, or any degree at all, and I’m not here with facts or evidence. I just have my Human Hangover and 35 years of experience in trauma. That’s what life gave me to give to the world, so here’s my lemonade.

I Started Young

This isn’t a woe is me story, it’s a “Woah, it’s me!” story. Going through trauma at an early age meant growing up fast, it also meant discovering myself later in life and letting creativity lead the way. To survive I created… and then I took to the woods.

I Wandered

My parents (both from Detroit) decided to move up to Marquette, Michigan. With endless wooded trails and soothing Lake Superior right out the back door, I spent every minute I could outside. The forest was my home, but my mind needed a distraction from the resurfacing trauma.

I Worked My Past Off

Internet came on a CD in the mail, so I learned the Adobe suite on our family computer and started distracting myself. By thirteen I was selling our neighbor’s ‘trash’ on eBay, running a t-shirt company from my parents’ garage and doing graphic design work online for $100/hour. By my twenties I had worked my way into unhealthy success and stress.

I Peaced Out

It was too much. I left everything and everyone and took to the mountains. My dog Duke and I left on a solo road trip through the Badlands, Rockies, Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, we hit it all- and it hit home. When we returned to Marquette, I dusted off the old stack of t-shirts and started creating again.

I Found Peace

The more I looked inward, asked the hard questions and created life from the heart… the more everything opened up. Finally releasing childhood trauma, suddenly released 60lbs of extra body weight. Reprogramming my nervous system, made navigating autism possible and helpful. Revisiting my belief system, brought in 3x the income with less than half the work. The lemonade isn’t easy to mix, but it’s the Human Hangover cure that worked for me.

I Found Me

Finding your voice and reclaiming your power is a wild ride that takes some grit, balance, and courage. But sharing your story and watching it transform your life and those around you, is one of the greatest things you could ever experience.


Who Is That Girl Amber?

…and what kind of credentials give her the right to share this?

That Girl Amber has studied the effects of trauma and trapped emotions in the human body since 1991. She has no degree in any sort of integrative education and is not pursuing any kind of PhD. Amber does hold a lifetime of trauma experience, Autism & CPTSD navigation, and an insatiable curiosity for healing the mind and body.

Credentials: a qualification, achievement, personal quality, or aspect of a person’s background, typically when used to indicate that they are suitable for something.

Creative Gratitude

The wonders of Marquette, MI quickly became my refuge as a young girl with undiagnosed autism and childhood trauma. The shores healed my heart and the moss covered forests held space for my questions. I am alive and who I am today, because of Marquette. Because Marquette is my way of giving gratitude to the places and community that helped me find my way and my why.

Come Hangout

My partner and I believe food grown with love and made from scratch, makes all the difference. Join us at our restaurant/bar/bakery in downtown Marquette, Michigan… BODEGA! Dishes are made with real ingredients, always from scratch and sourced locally whenever is clever. Bring your friends, or make some here.