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The Why Ripple

The Why Ripple exercise can be used to help expand on inner work, shadow work, and is especially helpful in uncovering subconscious secrets to traits, relationships, and habits. I first started using the Why Ripple after being sexually abused at the age of eight. It was much less refined, and more of a young annoyance at first- but I noticed the answers started to surface the more I asked why. Back then it helped me understand the whys behind what happened to me, but today I use it for almost anything. 

How To

Start with your pebble. This is your feeling, question, decision, problem or desired change. Write it out and start to ask yourself: Why? The only rule is that you cannot answer with ‘I don’t know’ – do some reflecting, dig into your feelings, and write anything that comes to mind. Expand on each ripple/level of why as much as possible and keep asking why until you reach the answer or direction you need.  

Good For

Expanding on inner work and in uncovering subconscious reasoning behind our habits and relationships. You can start with things like: I want to quit my job, I feel lonely, I want to make more money, I have an unhappy partner. Get creative with it, and expand on your why questions to really dig deep.

From Experience

It’s fun to hold onto finished pages and revisit them at a later time. Great for New Years reflecting or practices around the moon and astrological cycles.


The Why Ripple


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