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Listening to our pain leads the way to discovering areas of our subconscious in need of attention. Coupling inner work and body work (focusing on the correlating emotional and physical areas) encourages our mind + body connection to work in harmony with the healing process. 

When we are in physical pain, our bodies are telling us where to focus. We typically hear and answer this cry for help by pacifying the discomfort, instead of sitting with and listening to it. Often these physical disturbances can be caused by unprocessed emotions that are trapped in the structure of our body. Bringing awareness to the pain gives intention an opportunity to focus our healing in the right places. Let the body sound it out and listen for cues on where heavy emotions might be hiding in your body.


Emotional Body Mapping

First, it’s important to listen. Listening to the body tells us where we need to go and gives us an opportunity to find out why. One of the best ways to communicate with the body, is by using the body itself. Take time to map out your pain, discomfort, sensations, emotions, or any memories you may feel physically. If you find it hard to feel or connect to your body, find a technique you’d like to explore such as somatic therapy, meditation, qigong, (trauma informed) yoga, or simply intuitively move on your own while focusing on your body and what it’s feeling and saying.

Integrate these guides to work in your life. Maybe you use them digitally throughout the day, or maybe you keep them by the bed for a nightly check-in. Whatever you do, be sure to listen consistently and record as much as possible. The Emotional Body Map is a great tool for finding exact locations that could be tied to areas of our past experiences and emotions. If you have a hard time connecting to your body, it can sometimes be helpful to work backwards and link known feelings to a physical area. 

Our bodies and minds are entangled, so it’s vital that we include both in our healing. It doesn’t matter what came first in causing the pain. Whether we suffer from a physical injury that causes mental strain or suffer from mental stress and unease that causes physical illness. Both body and mind are essential in the healing process.


Find Poor Connection Areas

After listening to and locating pain in the body, it’s time to engage the brain and heart in identifying what those areas may be tied to emotionally. Take time to find what your physical discomfort could be linked to on the Emotional Body Map and ask yourself where this might show up in your past or current life. These poor connection areas in the body need to be cleared of dense emotions so healthy (higher vibrational) energy can effortlessly flow throughout. When healthy energy is flowing the body is balanced, and the nervous system (boss) can function at its best. We can function at our best.


Explore With Your Maps

After mapping your emotions and listening to the body, our next step is listening to the pain and feeling the feels. Take your body maps and use them with the healing technique(s) of your choice. If you feel comfortable, communicate your findings to your healers, therapists and doctors aiding in the journey. If both your intentions and the healer’s focus is aligned, energetic connections can easily be made to assist in the healing process.


These maps are suggested areas to explore emotionally. Ultimately you are the best guide for you. Use this as an opportunity to listen for your own voice. We live with the voices of others, media, and past experiences in our head and heart – this is a journey in listening, finding, and reclaiming your voice.



Emotional Body Mapping

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