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VAGAL VALLEY [Respond]: Body-to-Mind Techniques

Getting to know your body’s unique signature is key to navigating life. This means taking discoveries from each area of the map and creating your own Human Hangover® Remedy. In the Vagal Valley we cultivate an approach that works for our individual needs and the ways our nervous system has been shaped. Speaking the human language of movement and sensation, we find Human Hangover® Hacks to connect with our body, mind, and spirit – bringing our entire being back into balance and the present moment.

If we’ve been stuck in activated states of the nervous system for long periods, this can be a good time for the Vagus nerve to find rest. When thinking in terms of exercising the Vagus nerve like we would a muscle, this would be the recovery stage of working out. Giving body-to-mind relaxation cues gives the Vagus nerve a chance to come off alert and focus energy on other areas of the body. This is when change, healing, rest and repair start finding the space to exist within us. 

THE WILD SIDE: Vagal Valley represents the Vagus nerve and the sign of a dysregulated response pattern. This is when we know it’s time to implement body-to-mind techniques. We sometimes find ourselves trapped in the valley, unable to grab footing on the eroding sides (symbolic for a loss of self). Watch for exposed roots (exposed feelings and beliefs) that can emerge from the cliff sides to grab hold of, and find footing on rocks (lessons learned) to make your way up.

Sometimes it’s best to talk to the body, let yourself flow with the river until the banks shorten and climb over to the forest. From here you can work on rebuilding your Vagal Bridge to safely cross the River of Reason and make it to the Fountain of You.


Eight main attractions make up the Human Hangover® map. These spaces guide us through developing a communication network within our inner landscape, so we can be conscious creators of our outer world. By using nature as a source of connection, we can pull on the familiar experiences of our physical senses, the symbolism and wisdom of mother nature, and create a personalized guide for our unique nervous system signature.

After completing an area on the map, specific information gathered at that location is then added to your Human Hangover® Remedy. By the end your remedy will be a step-by-step, personalized guide for that specific emotion or area of focus. This can be especially helpful to reference while trying to maintain longterm balance. When that emotion situation comes up or is triggered in the future, you’ll have a customized guide on how to work your body and mind through it together.

Remember to set-up a healthy support system and have medical professionals in place before diving in. Exploring unprocessed emotions can be overwhelming or cause mental and physical fatigue. Have a personal plan in place to help you navigate heavy feelings or experiences that may arise, in a safe and healthy way. Above all- be open, be curious, and have fun!

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