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The Human Hangover™ Inner Journey Map can be used as a companion guide for inner work practices, processing trauma in the body, and navigating mental or emotional terrain. Its main purpose is to serve as a communication tool between mind, body, and spirit- helping bring clarity and connection to our own inner work. Symbolism is often a foundational way our subconscious speaks to us; so using a metaphoric language to bridge the gap between body and mind can create a communal space for our spirit to be heard. Providing this language for our subconscious to interact, gives space to connect with the greatest healer of all- yourself.

The most powerful tool you can have along the healing journey is a strong connection to self. Keep what resonates and find your own truth for anything that doesn’t. Providing this language for the body and mind to communicate, gives space for you to connect with the greatest healer of all- yourself. It’s important to remember these are only suggested areas of focus, and this map should only be used as a tool to aid in your journey. Ultimately you are the best guide for you, what’s important is getting the conversation started with your body… so a relationship can be formed.

Have a healthy support system and medical professionals in place before diving in. Exploring unprocessed emotions can be overwhelming or cause mental and physical fatigue. Have a personal plan in place to help you navigate heavy feelings or experiences that may arise. This information is general and for educational purposes only. The Human Hangover does not assume any responsibility or risk for your use of this content. 

Includes immediate download for printable JPG file. Printing and use is the responsibility of the user.
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