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A guide to mapping the healing journey, for you. 

In the animal world, once safety is found, animals will “shake off” a life-threatening chase to help discharge the energy from the traumatic event. When we allow our bodies to use this same nervous system response to release emotions and process past trauma, we create a more balanced space for our mind to engage in the healing process. Emotions live in the body, and releasing these deeply rooted emotions gives our brains a better chance at restructuring our feelings and overall health.

Unprocessed emotions become hidden and trapped into the structure of our body, physically changing us in the moment and over time. This makes finding emotions in the body, vital to restoring balance and rebuilding our body, mind, and life. By default, we experience life through the voices of others, from media, social constructs and our past traumas… but only until we are audacious enough to find our own voice.

Bringing awareness to this body and mind connection, gives yourself the chance to respond instead of reacting to life. Remember these guides are only tools and suggestions- always listen to your body in finding where feelings and emotions reside, and why. Everyone is different and each body will manifest emotions differently.


Where focus goes, energy flows… but that is only helpful when you know where to focus. Identifying and locating emotions in the body gives us a roadmap to build our healing journey around. Unprocessed trauma can show up in many ways, but it can also be released and healed in many ways. I’ve used countless techniques over the past 30+ years to let go of deeply rooted trauma; and this pattern emerged to be the most efficient method in applying healing modalities and techniques.

Healing can be tough to navigate and help difficult to find; but the greatest tool in healing we can use, is ourself. These guides are not a cure, but a tool to help aid in listening to your body, finding your voice, and hearing what you are saying. Create space, lean into the process, and allow each step the time needed to unfold, release and restore your body and mind.


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