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FOREST OF FEELS [Rewire]: Neural Pathways & Rooted Beliefs

Once we know the emotional currents that our feelings are pulling energy from, it’s time to uproot any rotten belief systems getting in the way. Neurons are nerve cells that send messages all over the body and allow us to do everything from talking and breathing to walking and thinking. A neuroscience principle called the Hebbian Theory says ‘nerve cells that fire together, wire together.’ This means that when a cell persistently activates another cell, the connection between the two becomes stronger.

When our nervous system is stuck in survival, we’re attracted to behaviors, relationships, environments, and experiences that keep us feeling and living in those familiar states. Our cells that have fired together before are ready to wire together again. The Forest of Feels helps us explore the deeply rooted belief systems we’ve adopted over our life, and find the short circuit pathways we need to rewire. 

THE WILD SIDE: The forest is a place of entanglement symbolizing the back of our bodies, our heart space, and feelings in general. The trails we have developed represent the neural pathways inside of us. Just like the nerve cells that build a stronger connection when they wire together, the pathways inside our forest are packed down and traveled in stronger numbers when they’re familiar and easy to traverse. These paths can show up as behavior patterns, areas of feeling stuck, or always having the same experience show up in your life (your life ‘following the same path’).

Below the surface we find the network of our rooted belief systems, and the nutrients (or emotional groundwater) they drink from. Going up from the root system, the trunks of our trees represent our experience(s) in life. Our thoughts around that experience then branch out, developing seasons of feelings and opinions which are represented by our leaves or foliage. Then by our fruits we can look to see how fulfilled we feel in life, or if there are rotten belief systems that need to be uprooted and paths in need of rerouting.


Eight main attractions make up the Human Hangover® map. These spaces guide us through developing a communication network within our inner landscape, so we can be conscious creators of our outer world. By using nature as a source of connection, we can pull on the familiar experiences of our physical senses, the symbolism and wisdom of mother nature, and create a personalized guide for our unique nervous system signature.

After completing an area on the map, specific information gathered at that location is then added to your Human Hangover® Remedy. By the end your remedy will be a step-by-step, personalized guide for that specific emotion or area of focus. This can be especially helpful to reference while trying to maintain longterm balance. When that emotion situation comes up or is triggered in the future, you’ll have a customized guide on how to work your body and mind through it together.

Remember to set-up a healthy support system and have medical professionals in place before diving in. Exploring unprocessed emotions can be overwhelming or cause mental and physical fatigue. Have a personal plan in place to help you navigate heavy feelings or experiences that may arise, in a safe and healthy way. Above all- be open, be curious, and have fun!

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