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Focusing on emotions in the body first, seemed to make my overall healing process more efficient. Although I believe these steps can happen in any order, this was the flow and pattern my healing journey seemed to take. 

After identifying the emotions and feelings within my body and mind, I first put all of my focus on the body. For me this looked like somatic dancing at home, with weekly massages and acupuncture. Once I’ve established my area of focus, I start by working on those areas physically. If my emotions are rooted in the left shoulder for example, that’s the area I tell my acupuncturist and massage therapist to focus on. When stretching, working out, dancing, or giving self-massage I make sure to listen to these areas closely and give them special attention. Let your body move as it communicates with you, and become friends with your nervous system to help you communicate with your body.


Listen. The Body Is Talking…

Somatic is a fancy word referring to the body, and allowing that to be the main platform. When we allow our bodies to intuitively move, our emotions get a chance to surface and we get the chance to recognize them, and release them with intention. Moving emotions out of the body physically helps us create a safe and more harmonious state for mental transformation. 


Help Get The Issues Out Of Your Tissues

While our nervous system is the best way to communicate with the body, our vagus nerve serves to be the most direct and efficient way to get that communication flowing. The vagus nerve is arguably the most critical nerve for supplying parasympathetic information throughout the body.

Our parasympathetic nervous system has been called our ‘rest and digest’ system. It is in charge of relaxing the system once a trauma or stress has passed. This makes nurturing our vagus nerve, and nervous system in general, one of the best ways to help our body along in releasing emotions and regaining balance.

The key here is understanding that the vagus nerve uses 80% body-to-mind communication. This helps us recognize why it can be nearly impossible to ‘think our way out’ of a feeling. If our feelings are rooted in emotions, which are physical in our body, and our vagus nerve listens best to physical communication- then the body must be engaged to heal the mind.


Moving The Body From Past To Present

There are numerous ways to feel emotions and move them through the body. No matter what technique you use, nurturing the nervous system along the way can help reinforce safety and balance in the body, and give the mind a better chance at being heard.

I like to think of it like trying to yell something across the lake to someone on an island. That person is much more likely to hear me correctly if the winds and waters are calm. Calming our emotional waters first, gives our body and mind a chance at clear communication. It helps us move our body out of reacting from the past, and into a physiological state able to actively respond to the present.

Let these steps be a framework to use in building a healing journey that resonnates with you. Be curious in finding the healing modalities and release techniques that speak to you. Let your heart and body guide you.


Ultimately you are the best guide for you. Be sure to find a professional therapist or healer to help you in this process, and have a strong support sytem in place before you need one. Exploring emotions can be very overwhelming to the body and mind. Be kind and patient with yourself and let your body lead the way to what it is comfortable processing at this time.



Release Emotions From The Body

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