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Once our body is in a relaxed state, we can start feeding the mind new beliefs, opinions, and thoughts. It’s after we calm our emotional waters that we can start to make our own waves, to claim and use our own voice. Intention is just as important in this phase, and using the body to write or journal these intentional affirmations, new beliefs, and thoughts is a powerful way to strengthen the body and mind connection.

Take time to digest all that you’ve uncovered and processed in the last three phases. Give yourself time and space to reflect on how this new awareness might be showing up in your present life and relationships. When you’re ready, you can start integrating new thought patterns and belief systems that support the feelings and life you want to experience.


Rebuilding Feelings Through Newly Rooted Emotions

With our body (emotions) in harmony with our mind (feelings) we can start to rewrite our story and build a new life. This will take time but with new awareness and stronger communication lines between our body and mind; we can start to integrate this process in our daily life. 

For example: The next time you’re talking with someone and feel an emotion get triggered, you can reference the emotional body map to help quickly identify the why behind it. With practice this will allow you to either release on the spot, or put your reaction on hold to process at another time while you respond appropriately to the present moment.


Ultimately you are the best guide for you. Be sure to find a professional therapist or healer to help you in this process, and have a strong support sytem in place before you need one. Exploring emotions can be very overwhelming to the body and mind. Be kind and patient with yourself and let your body lead the way to what it is comfortable processing at this time.



Transform Feelings In The Mind

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