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“Drunk on lust, hate greed, and fear; we have forgotten
the reminder of the soul… to love.”

Simply put the Human Hangover is our human experience. With a mind drunk off emotional energy from past and present stress- we forget who we are, why we’re here, or how to get back to self. Mapping the journey inwards helps guide our communication and provides focus for the healing path ahead.


The Human Hangover Inner Journey map is used as a companion guide to connect body, mind, spirit, and help navigate mental and emotional terrain. Its main purpose serves as a communication tool with our subconscious – providing a language to identify, explore, process, and express self.  Symbolism is a common way our subconscious speaks to us; so using a metaphoric language to bridge the gap between body and mind creates a fun and communal space for our spirit to be heard.

Remember this is only a tool to aid in your adventure. Ultimately you are the best guide for you. You are the healer who truly knows what’s going on inside, and the one who remembers who you are.


EGO ISLAND: Guilt & Shame
Immobilized, stuck or shutdown, little motivation or movement.

Caught in current/pattern, submerged or drowning in emotions, floating on surface to get by.

RIVER OF REASON: Pride & Anger
Feeling threatened, upset or fighting back to protect yourself.

FOREST OF FEELS: Willingness & Courage
Afraid or hurt, natural response to run or flee for protection.

VAGAL VALLEY: Acceptance & Neutrality
Feeling stuck or out of control, barely hanging on, or freefalling.

VAGAL BRIDGE: Love & Reason
Feeling playful, desire to dance and move, competitive.

Feeling safe and open to relationships, social with others, playful with self.

MOVE IT MOUNTAIN: Enlightenment & Awareness
Feeling light-hearted, able to be the observer, good communication, at peace when isolated but ready for new experiences and connection.

Eight main attractions make up The Human Hangover™ map – each holding unique challenges and wisdom along the inner journey. Using these details we can ask our subconscious what our own map looks like- giving insight into who we are, why we are, and the power to build a new map within.

Draw, envision, paint, mold, explore outside, build a sand castle version- get creative in discovering what your own Human Hangover map looks like. Engage your inner child and creative energies. Keep in mind these exercises are a point of communication between you and your inner self. The point of creating isn’t to make a masterpiece, but to make a connection with the masterpiece within- which is you.


The Human Hangover Inner Healing Body Map Healing

Many find it helpful to use their map for meditation or visualization purposes. In this way the map offers a symbolic landscape for our subconscious to bring things to the surface. Find a safe space to set an intention and ask your soul to share what is meant to be aware at this time. Fear isn’t a warning to beware, but an invitation to be aware of something.

Meditate with your eyes closed and see what visually comes to mind, let your hands mold or draw in a free-form manner, or walk in nature and see what the universe brings to your path. Whether being open to messages in the mind or in the outside world, our universe is always speaking if we are willing to listen. Are you being shown turbulent waters in the Emotion Ocean? Did a storm cause damage to your Forest Of Feels? Why? Dig into the symbolism behind what you’re shown and explore what self is saying to you.

If words and writing resonate with you, try using the map to describe your places of discomfort. Use prompts and write what it’s like for you to experience Ego Island, describe what your Forest Of Feels looks like, or create an inner child story book about how you cross the angry Emotion Ocean. Write a promise in a poem, a song to your past self, or a letter in a bottle to the self you seek.

04 Inner journey map booklet printable

Creating a strong relationship between body, mind, and spirit allows direct communication with trauma or emotions stored in our being. Learning new ways to navigate emotional territory, we can build new trails of the mind, and integrate growth into daily life. We become creators of our own universe, mapping a way to our authentic self while remembering who we are.



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