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Find Your Feelings

Unprocessed emotions become hidden and trapped into the structure of our body. Understanding our Body + Mind connection can help bring awareness to the discomfort and pain we’re experiencing and bring answers on how to address both emotional and physical discomfort.

How To

Use the body shapes to mark, color, and indicate specific areas of pain, sensations, memories or emotions in the body. Expand on any details related to each by comparing your observations with the associated feeling in the body.

Good For

Keeping track of emotions throughout the body, learning to listen to the body and identify emotions in general. Also good to bring for initial visits with healers and therapists to give a snapshot of how you’re feeling as a whole. 

From Experience

Allow these tools to be suggestions. Listen to YOUR body and find out where definitive feelings and emotions reside in your body. Everyone is different and each body will manifest emotion differently. 


Find Your Feelings

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