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Emotions are neurological responses that create reactions in the body that changes its physical state. These physiological changes are why finding dense emotions in the body is so important. Feelings on the other hand are the conscious experience we create around an emotional reaction in the body. Feelings are the perception or story we’ve allowed to build around an emotion, based off our past experiences, belief systems, thoughts and opinions.

In bringing awareness to the story we’ve created around an emotion, we can help shift our perception; and start releasing the confinements that hold these emotions captive in our body. Ultimately emotions are alive in the body, feelings are alive in the mind, and both play into our overall mood and physical health. Bringing this body and mind connection together helps us function and heal more thoroughly. 


Get To The Root Of It

The feeling process is not about reliving the trauma or experiences that caused these emotions in your life. The feeling process is about uncovering the beliefs we have formed around our experiences, and choosing to build a new story. It’s about uncovering the outside voices we’ve let seep into our narrative, and finding a way to release them. When we remove the voices (beliefs, opinions, and thoughts) of others, we make space to find our own voice.

Why? Is one of the most powerful questions we can ask, which also makes it one of the hardest. The game of why is simple: keep asking why until you find what you’re looking for. Sounds annoying, and it is. Just like a toddler who repeats it over and over, we must be radically curious exporers of our own mind.


Release And Return Energy

Often times it can be helpful to bring awareness to the Who behind an experience or limiting belief. Emotions are energy in motion. When we share experiences with others we create energetic connections between us, which impact us physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Intention Is The Key To Life

Being aware of who (or what) we need to release in our lives and why, creates space for intention in our healing practice. This intention is what drives our focus to the areas of need in our mind and body, and allows our whole being to work together in healing and bringing the body back into balance. Ironically, the word intention is also used in describing the healing process of a wound.

Where focus goes, energy flows. We allow dense energy and emotions to flow throughout our body when we focus on the pain, discomfort, and dense feelings around an experience. The good news is that we can also create a flow of helpful, positive emotions and energy in the body through this same method. I found that the key to making this shift easier, is engaging the body physically in this process that we’ve often marked exclusively as mental. Uniting this with intention empowers our own healing.


Ultimately you are the best guide for you. Although it was not my full approach, some people find it helpful to talk about or relive a traumatic experience. Each healing journey is unique. Be sure to find a professional therapist or healer to help you in this process, and have a strong support sytem in place before you need one. Exploring emotions can be very overwhelming to the body and mind. Be kind and patient with yourself and let your body lead the way to what it is comfortable processing at this time.



Bring Awareness To Your Feelings

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