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Body Clock Check

The Chinese Body Clock Check worksheet is great to use while going through a healing journey, spiritual awakening, awareness training, dissociation recovery or simply identifying discomfort in the body and mind.

How To

Use the body shapes to mark, color, and indicate specific areas of pain, sensations, memories or emotions in the body. Circle hours of the day/night you are disturbed and/or feel discomfort. Expand on any details related to each. Compare to Chinese Body Clock and find any possible correlating feelings or overlap from above observations.

Good For

When I’m really stuck and can’t figure out the root cause of a physical or emotional pain, I track my days in two-hour intervals (using the Body Clock 2HR Tracker in this guide).

This allows myself to reflect back on the days/weeks, to find patterns and bring awareness to areas I should focus on. Sounds like a lot, but after doing this for a bit you’ll soon have an instinctive awareness of these times of day and what is happening in your body. This makes integration into life much easier and has helped me a lot with maneuvering my trauma and CPTSD dissociating.

From Experience

Once I realized how closely the body and emotions are related, I started using the wheel to help me find emotions causing disruption in my body. This was especially helpful when dissociation and pain thresholds were high, and body awareness low. Certain emotions are typically trapped or stored in distinct parts of the body. Using multiple resources, I like to trace those back to areas in my body; then focus on those areas physically (nutrition, yoga, qigong, acupuncture, massage) to help aid in my emotional healing process.


Body Clock Check

*Scholars and healers of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been using the Body Clock for thousands of years. Please research the traditional ways of using the Body Clock, as here I am sharing the ways I personally have used it to navigate my healing and awakening journey. 

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