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Body Check

The Body Check worksheet is great to use while going through a healing journey, spiritual awakening, awareness training, dissociation recovery or simply identifying discomfort in the body and mind.

How To

Use the body shapes to mark, color, and indicate specific areas of pain, sensations, memories or emotions in the body. Expand on any details related to each. Circle average hours of sleep with times of day/night and any details associated with sleep. Write, draw, express how you’re feeling in the free space below.

Good For

Keeping track of innerwork throughout the body, learning to listen to the body and identify emotions, also good to bring for initial visits with healers and therapists to give a snapshot of how you’re feeling physically, emotionally, and establishing any potential crossover.

From Experience & Others

It can be helpful to use different colors or patterns in marking areas of discomfort on the body, especially if using this worksheet longterm. The visual dynamic comes in handy when looking at patterns and progress throughout your journey. 

“I used this to keep track of my physical pain, we suspected was tied to unresolved trauma. After months of chiropractic and massage work, we were able to use the visual pain assessments to help narrow down focus areas both physically and emotionally. Great tool for listening to your body.” – Laura P.


Body Check

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